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Name: Yvonne
Age: 18
Location: Tampa, Fl.
Sexual Prefrence: Straight
Favorite bands (more than 5, less than 40): The Shins, Death From Above 1979, The Decemberists, Underoath, Norma Jean, Tilly and the Wall, Denali, Eisley, Xiu Xiu, Belle and Sebastian, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Early November, Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie, The Academy Is..., Rooney, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen, Circa Survie, Panic! At The Disco, The Postal Service, Motion City Soundtrack, Nightmare of You, We Are Scientist, Select Start, Ok Go, Against Me!, Dashboard Confessional, Cursive, Of Montreal, Rilo Kiley....
Favorite books: A Clockwork Orange [Anthony Burgess], The DaVinci Code [Dan Brown], Angels and Demons [Dan Brown], Lullaby [Chuck Pahlunik], Nausea [Jean-Paul Sartre], Fight Club [Chuck Pahlunik], The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time [Mark Haddon], The Picture of Dorian Gray[Oscar Wilde], A Streetcar Named Desire[Tennesse Williams], Harry Potter series [JK Rowling]
Favorite movies: Fight Club, The Machinist, The Jacket, Garden State, Constantine, What Dreams May Come, Girl Interrupted, Regarding Henry, Sabrina, The Breakfast Club, Mean Creek, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Taking Lives, Donnie Darko, Alexander.
Favorite album as of right now: Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins.
Favorite song as of right now: Black Mamba - The Academy Is...
Song you are listening to as you fill this out: So Says I - The Shins
Myspace? If so, put a link here: www.myspace.com/thepistolparts_herlips
Xanga? If so, put a link here: www.xanga.com/underage_Sophistication


Position on gay rights: I feel that every person has the right to do what they want as long as it is not physically hurting anyone else. If it makes someone happy to be in a homosexual relationship, that let them be happy. No one else has the right to force their opinions on anyone else and I think it's ignorant to be homophobic.
Position on the war in Iraq: I feel like too many innocent people are being killed. Whether they are our own troops or just civilians in Iraq, and it doesn't really seem to be doing much of anything. I will admit that maybe I don't follow the issues as much as I should so I really can't say much else. I'm being honest about it, I hope I don't get penalized too much for that =/
Position on school uniforms: I think that students should be able to express their creativity through their clothing, to a certain extent. When it starts being culturally and socially offensive that's where I cross the line. I don't support people that where things that promote hatred towards other groups of people. Dress codes, I feel, are necessary to regulate these types of things and also I don't want to see girls walking around with their butts hanging out of their shorts or skirts or their chests popping out of their shirts or boys with their pants to their ankles, but uniforms, to me are limiting to self expression.
Position on Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy: I think that it's wrong because it is hindering people from completely bonding with the group that they are forced to spend all their time with. In the Armed Forces your squad, or battalion or whatever becomes like your family and when you open up to people you shouldn't have to censor yourself. Your preference is a part of who you are and no one should be made to feel ashamed of what they are and keep it as secret.
Position on Animal Rights: I am really torn on this issue. I know that a lot of the testing they do on animals is cruel, but also a lot of great discoveries have been made through this testing. My position is in the grey area on this matter.
Anything else you feel strongly about? I am opposed to organized religion and I feel very strongly about that. I never saw much of the sense in worshipping something that you don't even know exsist. I know that it seems to help a lot of people through their hard times, gives them something to hold on to, but I feel like you need to look deep inside of yourself for your own inner strength to hold on to. I feel like we should believe in ourselves to get things done, not some "higher power". However, I never tell people what I think they are doing is stupid because it is what they choose to do. They have just as much right to their beliefs as I do mine.


A little about yourself...: Well, I've been in college for a few months and am still having difficult making that adjustment to living on my own and making my own decisions. I am a very outgoing person, but there are times when I am extremely shy and reserved. I have been a cheerleader 10 years and I hate it when people automatically assume that I am stupid, airheaded and in no way intellectual. I pride myself on being intelligent and I never let anyone make me believe the contrary. I love meeting new people, but I much rather have a few good friends than a million and one acquintances. I can be very sarcastic and if you don't know me very well it can be mistaken for rudeness, but I am not a rude person. I would like to think that I have a good sense of humor, but that might be a little hard to translate through lj. I love doing everything for people and sometimes that leads people to walk all over me.

Promote to one community and/or two personal journals and show us: www.livejournal.com/users/killer_pose/ [thats mine] and http://www.livejournal.com/users/silencedyouth/144366.html [my friends journal, i left it in a comment]

Optional pictures: [yeah those are my friends fairy wings from Halloween.], [at a party, I am on the far right in the blue long sleeve.], http://mydarliiing.deviantart.com/ [my photograpy, I am learning.]

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