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by the lily pond, remember?

i already applied and got accepted, but this is a new journal so i thought i should re-apply.


Name:krysta alexis rebensdorf hesse.
Age: 14 (15 on december 31.)
Location: anaheim, california.
Sexual Prefrence: boys.
Favorite bands (more than 5, less than 40): peachcake, anberlin, armor for sleep, he is legend, anna nalick, butch walker, copeland, hellogoodbye, hot hot heat, the cardigans, the black eyed peas, spitalfield, silverstein, matchbook romance, brand new, cake, waking ashland, lovage, classic case, emanuel, panic! at the disco, the unicorns, ima robot, planes mistaken for stars, and even though in the userinfo it says something about this, i love fall out boy, i have for a few years now, and i've seen them in concert four times.
Favorite books: the curious incident of the dog in the night time, pride and prejudice, who moved my cheese?, the silver crown, the island, a midsummer's night dream, the pearl, tuesdays with morrie.
Favorite movies: moulin rouge, zoolander, eye of the beholder, stealth, i robot, love actually, the wedding singer, mean girls, billy madison, the incredibles, rush hour two, simply irresistable, mulan, frequency.
Favorite album as of right now: if you're referring to an album that i can listen to without getting sick of it after three times around, then avacado -->hellogoodbye.
Favorite song as of right now: diary of a san fernando sexx star -->butch walker.
Song you are listening to as you fill this out: archie and veronica --> lovage
Myspace? If so, put a link here:
Xanga? If so, put a link here: NO.


Position on gay rights: haha, "homophobes are gay". i know so many people against this, and i don't understand why. everyone has the right to live, everyone has the right to love, everyone has the right to love. equality is demanded in all other situations, so who decided that your sexual preference determines your legal status? in the pledge of allegiance the last line is "with liberty and justice for all," not "with liberty and justice for everyone who is of heterosexual orientation."
Position on the war in Iraq: we went in to get rid of terrorists, then we stayed to find non-exsistent weapons of mass destruction, and we refuse to leave because we've decided to take over the country. nobody is trying to gain control over us, why must we impose our ways on other countries? i really think that the government needs to mind it's own business, and try and focus on the casualties that occur every single day on the streets of LA, or the murders in the alley of detroit, i think that there are much more positive things we can be doing with our military than bombing and being bombed.
Position on school uniforms: speaking from experience, because i've worn uniforms for five years, i think they are the single most pointless thing that a school can do. because honestly, they make students wear uniforms so that they won't be made fun of for their clothes, but bullies will just find something else to make fun of. i missed about 24562 different "fads" because i was stuck wearing uniforms, blue jumpsuits, green shirts, blue pants, red shirts, blue shorts, gray shirts. i don't believe in uniforms because schools always stresss individuality and freedom of expression, but only by their standards and rules.
Position on Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy: this is a complete and total lack of intelligence on the military's part. you would think that they would like to have any help that they could get rather than shunning people who want to help. isn't the whole point of joing the military to show patriotism? and since when does your sexual orientation have anything to do with the love you have for your country. i really hate discrimination, but it really ticks me off when the excuse for discriminations is so utterly stupid. in essence, this is gay.
Position on Animal Rights: i can't really say much about animal rights. i think it's wrong to put lipstick on bunnies, but then i think about meat consumption every yearm even just daily. the real animal rights people are the vegetarians and vegans, but i just can't do that, i don't have the will power. i respect animal rights activists, but i'm not going to lie and say i have a strong opinion about it when i don't. i can see both sides of the argument, because animal testing does lead to great discoveries, but at the same ratem how many animals have to die for the sake of science, and how many of them had to be tortured in the meantime?
Anything else you feel strongly about?</b> kk. i'm not a tiny girl. i'm well, bootylicious, if you will. it absolutely pisses me off when girls need to feel starve themselves just so they can feel good about themselves, and then they just end up insecure anyways. i hate people that are constantly on diets, and people who constantly pick on themselves for the tiniest little trace of fat. maybe it's because i'm really secure with the body i'm in, but i don't understand why all people just can't accept the way they are and love themselves just they way they are, cellulite and all.


A little about yourself...: i spend most of my days smiling and just trying to enjoy being in the company of my friends. i love to sing, it's my passion. in a perfect world, someday i would be a famous singer/songwriter. i could be out in the middle of the street with a terrible hair day, no makeup, in my bunnie pajamas and i would not be embarrassed, i just don't embarrass. i smell everything, especially if i have to touch it. i am a perfectionist, and if you're messing me up i'll blow up at you, but i'm not a bitch. i love to talk to people about their positions on different topics, and i love proving their facts wrong. i cannot stand talking on the phone, and i will make excuses to hang up. i'm really good at math, it's my favorite. i have over 300 beanie babies. i listen to the spice girls. i dance everywhere, even in the bathroom. i used to be in indian princesses, and my indian name was shooting star. i am extremely inconsistent. i speak softly, so most of the time nobody can hear me unless they're really really listening. i think the perfect award for everything is a sticker. before i die, i want to see the northern lights.
Promote to one community and/or two personal journals and show us:
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cuando tus fotos.
cada vez.
i don't have the skills.
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