Help me please?
So last night my boyfriend and his friend were listening to this song.
I was dumb and didn't ask the band or name

It goes something like this, I think?

I'll be with you in your dreams.
(something) about singing you to sleep.

Yeah I totally killed it,
but I have the tune stuck in my head
and I don't know the words.


Hush Sound

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so Rita is the stupidest name for a hurricane.

So I live roughly 98 miles inland in Texas.

The main road in my town was an evacuation route for evacuees out of Houston and Galveston. They blocked lots of roads and made it so it's all one way--out. (unfortunately, that means people like me who, ya know, STILL LIVE HERE can't get *anywhere*)

This is the most exciting thing in quite while. People have seriously gone mad. Lines for gas spill out on streets (I saw one nearly a mile) Traffic bloackage is insane.

So uh......pray for us/them/everyone in the area. This is just a bit scary.

for the past three days you were either a) stuck in traffic or b) stranded with no gas and basically screwed.

I'm personally rather sick of hearing Rita news. I'm sorry if you are too because I'm posting this. XD

As a side note, I'm falling in love with Say Hi to Your Mom because Lauren made a post mentioning them.

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my name is meghan
and im ghey x98325908239052

oh, the blonde one is kristy
i love kristypooo
she makes me smile
and she makes me tingly in the undies
thats cause shes a hottie.
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